About the Website Administrators

We are a sincere group of friends with a straight forward vision – assist our friends pass UNEB. As former “A” students we believe that when a student revises in an interesting environment they keep focused which enables them understand and remember what they read.

With this in mind, we decided to put up a web app that would create an interesting environment for students to revise anytime anywhere. With this formula exams won’t know what hit them.

We’ve had an amazing journey gathering and putting together this information, and now we feel confident this is an effective revision solution to pass UNEB.

Meet Passuneb.com team

Our team combines creative, technical, and strategic talents.

Kevin Bazira

Bazira Kevin


Creative Director, Designer, Developer.

Facebook : Bazira Kevin Sleek
Twitter : @kevinbsleek
Daisy Atukunda

Atukunda Daisy

P.R.O and Chief Editor

Journalist, Content Producer. xxxxx

Facebook : Dee Kevins
Twitter : @DayZeeflower
David Bagambagye

Bagambagye Davidson

Head of Backend Team

Software Engineer. xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

Facebook : Bagambagye Davidson
Twitter : @Devdzone
Ibra Sempala

Sempala Ibrahim

Web Analytics Manager

Lead Programmer. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Facebook : Ibrahim Jeremy
Twitter : @Ibrahimsempala
Simon Kazooba

Kazooba Simon

Web Development and Accessibilty Specialist

Web Developer.

Facebook : Taga Simon Sayz Sr.
Twitter : @tagasimon
Kizito Magala Innocent

Kizito Magala Innocent

Usability Specialist

Web Designer. xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx

Facebook : Kizmag Leon
Twitter : @LeonKizmag
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